The moment I've arrived here in Toyomi, I've been welcomed with open arms. Traveling alone through a foreign country, there is nothing more reassuring.

They are kind people and I enjoy the countryside life with Kentaro-san and Makiko-san very much. The atmosphere is lighthearted and positive.

This place is filled with beautiful nature spots.

One of them is secret cabin hidden behind a wooden wall, that makes you think you're entering another mystic world. It was built by Sato-san himself.

It's one of the most idyllic places I've been to, filled with peace and freedom.

And I'm honestly considering to live one day in a cabin like that (including the fancy screen of boards).

Another nature spot I like is the part of forest that belongs to Sato-san, where he's planning to arrange the 2nd Art Festival and I can't wait to see the pictures.

In the early days the forest spot was an old rice field surrounded by a bear cave and wild nature.

I think that Sato-san wants to make people feel the connection with the nature again, like it once was the case. And I believe that is very important.

While I was working in the forest, weeding the grass and making it ready for the festival, I felt my mind wander. No worries, no anxious overthinking anymore, only the peaceful chirping of the birds *and the sound of the weeding machine).

I'm a big animal and nature lover, which is why in my opinion humans should treasure and respect forests and it's inhabitants.

And as long as that's the case, I have no doubt, that the Festival will be a success.