August 20th, 2015

 It’s almost 1 week at Toyomi station.

All moments are good.

I learn to know Kentaro and his wife and each day past become best.

Today, we have work for the farm. It was great to feel hard under the sun.

We have do a little break for drinking tea and looking the landscape. It was wonderful.

During this silence moment, I thank a lot about my past life and about that I would like for my future.

I’m here and I feel good in Japan but sometimes I miss my country. It’s not a bad thinking, I’m just little nostalgic. Maybe it’s because I live a beautiful moment and I would like to share my experience.

I’m really happy to be here and I don’t regret to be come.

During I write this sentence, Kentaro’s wife sing slowly. It’s so sweet !

They are so cut !

I feel they are very enjoy to share them culture.

Yesterday, we were at an old temple castle and we have eat in front of it.

Kentaro showed me his sculpture in the city and he was very proud about it ! It was very touching !

He said me, there are 4 of his sculptures at Tokyo and I will try to go to see it the next week.

Today, during the dinner, we have drink red wine and eat cheese ! I’m very glad because it’s remember me the French taste ! The mixt with the Japan food was amazing and it was a great moment !

When I will come back in France, I will try to send them French cheese if it’s possible.