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 I  agree with you: I have much chance of being born in France and have the parents I have. If I was do elsewhere, in another context, my life would surely be very different. But I would just tell you that my parents work hard for what they have and to transmit their values to me. Life was not always as beautiful as today ' eight... Today is my turn. I chose my studies and I work for it. I win my life in Paris and it is this money that allows me to take my choice. If I am here, it is also because I give the means to be able to come and travel. In my life I make the choice to live my dreams. Living his dreams is not always easy and it takes a lot of work. Luck and happiness requires work. This is not just a gift that heaven made us. We have our share of work to do as for meriter life which we dream. Your life like you and you're giving way to have