"The very last week of october 2015, I dropped off a local train (bound for Aizuwakamatsu) at Toyomi station late in the evening. My woofing host, Mr Sato, was waiting for me on the track. There could be no doubt that I was the guy he was expecting. I was the only passenger to get off the train that night.

Five months later, on April 1, 2016  Mr Sato and his wife Makiko landed at Casablanca airport and I was the one waiting for them at the terminal 1 Exit.

In between, the magic of life, the magic of human relationship, the mystery of friendship did its work. I spent only one single week with the Sato's family in Toyomi, but I was treated with such humanity and kindness. We shared food, we shared thoughts, we shared memories, we shared music, we shared emotions. Time flies when you are having fun. October 29 came so swiftly and it was already time for me to leave for Nagasaki.

During one of our discussions while in Toyomi, I suggested to Mr Sato to visit Morocco. I was stressing that such a trip to a continent he never visited before could stimulate his inspiration and widen his horizon as an artist. I was feeling that Mr Sato was having some concerns about the Arab world turmoils, about terro issues, etc.. But the day he said "KITA BUS NI NORE", I knew he would make it. It would be just a matter of time, but I was convinced he would make it.

Kentaro san and Makiko san arrived to Casablanca on April 1. They left on April 11. We drove north to visit Rabat then Fez. Then we drove south east towards Sefrou, Ifrane, Azrou, Midelt, Errachidia, Erfoud, Rissani, Merzouga Dunes and Toudra canyon. 

All my family members, including wife, mother, brothers and sisters were elated to host those strangers who treated me so kindly in Japan a few months ago. Strangers who, thanks to the magic of human relationship, became friends, or should I say, part of  family."

Best regards,
Rachid H

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Rachid   san
How  are you  doing ?

I  wish to waite your short  sentence or   long .
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