The 5th solo  exhibition and hope for the future.
Kentaro  sato  

My solo  exhibition   was planed at gallery Masuga in Sukagawa city .

 The  first  day, my many friends gathered in the gallery, and I talked about the opening .  I was very glad and thankful .

I felt   some one  changes year by year  .They were brilliant and not  brilliant .

 I think  they   have hope or  not  hope in their own life

I have   Turkish  wwoofer.   we   have commonsense  of value .    

 In night we talked  about the plan for the future .

Let’s   gather here   wwoofers . 

I choose wwoofers coming to my house .

The purpose  is deep emotin now . life is One chance  .

I give a  concrete .practice About Art,Farm,food,energy  source.

 We will try the meeting in 2 years. .

 Of course  my friends may gather here  and  enjoy.

Please send me a reply and wwoofers.