Vision for Cosmo-Yume

I have decided to write this document in order to bring clarity to what I am able to contribute to the growth of Cosmo-yume. Please note that the Japanese translation may not accurately reflect the english content, so feel free to ask where something is not clear. The task at hand is going to be an adventure undertaken wherein we all will be learning a lot from each other. I also keep in mind that this project will take a considerable amount of time.Yet,  I feel if that we know what our goals are we can take small steps everyday that leaves this place better than it was the day before. This is exciting and something amazing can be created here. There is an unique opportunity here to combine artistic expression with sustainable and eco-freindly living. There is a tremendous amount of potential and we can create something that is unique in the world.

The Start

Kentaro Sato has built something amazing with his wife and the power of friendship. He strives to learn about the human condition everyday and lives in accordance to a strong intuition. This perhaps lead to the creation of Cosmo-yume. Here there are a restaurant, museum, art space and several community houses. This is the perefect haeven for artistis or thinkers. He has an art park where art can be displayed, as well as a beautiful forest for more instalations. This is not all. There are several rice fields and space for the growing of food. Thus there is the possibility of becoming completely self-sustainable.
This document will try to outline ideas I have for the potential of Cosmo-yume, what it needs and how it can grow to become world famous. The vision and motivation behind this shall be discussed later and in consultation with Sato-san.


The following are components of Cosmo-yume that in combination with each other can create something truly unique. These components will seperately be discussed in regards to what needs to be done in order to actualise them and improve them. Each will require a lot of work, but thanks to the hard work of Sato-san, most of the foundation is already present.   


•  Music and art festivals

•  Artist residency

•  Art Production and exhibitions

•  Think Space

•  Retreat center (Meditation, healing, education, etc.)


•  Self-sufficiency

•  Green technology

•  Restaurant

•  Community life

                                            Music and art festivals

Amazing festivals and events can be held in collaboration with artists across the world. I already have a network of artists who might be interested but it is easy for the reputationn of Cosmo-yume to spread via social media. This takes time however and thus starting a social media presence is crucial for letting artists know about the existence of cosmo-yume. My teacher used to say, “It doesn’t matter that you have the best product in the world if nobody knows about it”. Thus social media has the power to attract like minded individuals and build the community. Starting a social media presence is easy but it takes time and management which I am willing to do. Social media allows a bigger audience to be attracted as well.


The practical steps to creating social media presence:

1.      Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts should be created.

2.      Photo’s and clear visions should be updated to this.

3.      Communication and marketing.

4.      Establishing groups of like-minded individuals.

5.      Managing posts and feedback.

The music and art festivals could provide artists numerous oppertunities to improve themselves, have fun and meet like minded individuals. This can create a strong supportive community.
The festivals can only really take place effectively on a large scale if artist residency is possible. This will be discussed later.


The festivals if done correctly has the potential to draw people from the city into smaller towns like Aga to witness natural life. This obviously has great economic benefit for the surrounding communities and bring even more oppertunities for growth.


Of course, events will differ on availability of artists among many other things, but here is an example of the layout of a typical collaborative music festical:

Day 1: arrival of artists and setup of practice area.

Day 2 and 3: Practicing of sets as well as preparation of stages.

Day 4 and 5: Live shows.

The above event intential occurs over several days in order to fascilitate attendee’s to find accomodatiion in surrounding towns. This presents more economic oppertunities for local bussinesses as well.
Nonetheless, this is only one example and it is possible to plan events more elaborately.

Types of events could include:

•  Artist collaboration shows

•  Artist debut shows

•  Cultural performances

•  Artistic expression seminars or courses

•  Creativity workshops

•  Farming workshops


Artist Residency

The numerous buildings owned by Sato-san provides a lot of living space. This can either be rented out or it can be used to host artists, musicians or other like-minded individuals. The goal of hosting artists are that they could have a space in order to practice and develop their art. If we could provide workshop space they can use to produce art then Cosmo Yume could become a hub that attracts artists from all over the world. The artists in return for residency could help with farm work for 2-3 hours a day. Artists can sell their art and choose wether to contribute their earnings to the community or not.The financial model will be discussed later, but the goal of the residency is to create a community that is self-sufficient. This could attract international attention to the village but also provide a strong foothold for artists in Japan to move to the next level.


Practical to take in preparation:

•  Analyse living space of buildings and write up holding capacity.

•  Prepare space for art creation (see next section)

•  Contact artists and do networking to see demand for space.

•  Calculate expenses (see financial section)


Art Production and Exhibition

If the workshop space can be provided to artists, they can spend time to practice and create new works. The various exhibition spaces (forest and bridge) could be used to host events or exhibitions. General exhibitions could be help once a month, depending on the availability and presence of the artists. These events could attract attention and give artists the space to get exposure. Of course, this also implies economic benefit.

The production of art requires financial support and a budget could be allocated for artist’s use. See financial section on the model that could make this possible. The marketing of art will happen primarily through social media and the artist’s own social media presence, but it could be possible to donate some of the art initially in order to establish friendly relations with potential clients. More clearly, this could mean donating work where it can be seen in public spaces. These are only examples but luckily Satou-san already has an extensive network of clients and aquintances


Practical steps to take:

•  Clear, clean up and prepare workshop space near bath.

•  Take note of tools available and put his in a write-up.

•  Prepare exhibition spaces and set up marketing plan.




















    • 飲食店






    1. Facebook、Instagram、twitterのアカウントを作成する必要があります。