My journey at Kentaro’s house

3.    Arrival (1st June 2018)

When arriving at the airport, I took a bus to Tokyo station. Here, I felt extremely intrusive, as if I was not welcome. While I was dressed in shorts and a small shirt, everyone had costume and serious clothes. I almost regretted coming so far away from my home. People peered at me in a weird way. Fortunately, in the Shinkansen, everything was quiet. After 5 hours of travel (bus, Shinkansen and train). I finally arrived at Toyomi Station where Kentaro-san waited for me. He welcomed me in a friendly way and helped me with my luggage. We then went to his home who was really close to the train station and presented ourselves. I met his wife Makiko but everyone was tired, so we went to bed early. He led me to the house where I was to sleep that was also his museum. He showed his magnificent sculpture that he made, and that were more astonishing one after the other. From owls to cats to woman, it seemed as if Kentaro-san could represent anything in a unique way. He then led me to a traditional Japanese room where I slept on the ground.