My journey at Kentaro’s house

4.    First day (2nd June 2018)

The next day, we got to talk to each other properly. After meeting Kentaro-san and his beautiful dog Shiro beside his rice fields, we presented ourselves again before breakfast where I gave my WWOOF permit. Even if the gape in language was big, communicating wasn’t so hard and I must admit that, even if Japanese anime are not representative of the real life, they helped me understand many words and use them as well. After, I was treated to a surprisingly good breakfast with a taste completely new to me. I tasted the amazing rice that Kentaro-san makes in his large fields. It was surprisingly good and was different from any rice I ever tasted. After, we went to work. We reclaimed a piece of earth that we transformed into a big pile of mud. It was hard work, but Kentaro-san always told me to take my time and told me to take many breaks. A student of Kentaro-san, named Koichi, was also helping us. This day, I met political representatives of the Niigata prefecture that made a speech to the village of Funato and friends of Kentaro-san. At the end of the day, we enjoyed an amazing hand heated onsen with a breath-taking view to a waterfall in the mountains.