My journey at Kentaro’s house

5.    3rd June 2018

This morning, I started getting accustomed to the work. We finished leveling the earth and started planting rice in this new field. After, we worked on other rice fields where we planted more rice and we removed unwanted weed. After lunch, Fuu-san helped us and joined us at supper. I was surprised to see the speed at which Fuu-san worked even if he’s 76 years old. I was also extremely impressed by Kentaro-san strength when he lifted a dead tree all by himself. I hope to have such great health when I grow up. At the end of the day, I felt like Kentaro-san and Makiko-san were my temporary parents by the comfort and the love they transpired. The frustration of not being able to make myself understood was greater this day. Even asking for what a word means was sometimes difficult. I hope to learn Japanese faster so that I can speak in a way that Kentaro-san, Makiko-san and Koichi-san understand me.