My journey at Kentaro’s house

6.        4th June 2018

This day was like an incredible dream come true. After we had breakfast, Kentaro-san, Kohe-kun and me went to the studio located near the human made onsen to cut wood into pieces. I used a chainsaw for the first time and Kentaro-san explained me easily how to use the machine. We also fed the fire which generated the heat for the hot bath. Suddenly, Kentaro-san tells us to stop since 5 new girls came at his home to study the countryside life. We then immediately go to the rice field where we start working. Everyone is given a field to tend to. I then present myself to Yui, Hana, Honoka, Sakura and Kaho, five beautiful Japanese girls, who told me the sport they practice and their age. It seems they are girls of around 14-15 years old. Two play tennis, one plays volleyball (Honoka), one does Kendo (Sakura) and one does tea ceremony (Kaho). I also met their teachers and one who had an average English skill started a conversation with me. I was happy that he did. Then we went for lunch where I met many Japanese people and where we made and ate mochi. It was a unique experience that I will always remember, eating a food that I must hit to cook it! I tried to converse in Japanese with one of the girl to discover that she was half-Japanese, half-Australian. After, we went in a forest where we cleaned the dead trees so that Kentaro-san can use them to heat his house in the winter. Then, we went back to the rice fields where our host told us about our mistakes. The way Kentaro-san explains your mistakes is so calm and gentle that you don’t feel scolded, you even want to improve. At this moment, I felt like I was given a free course on how to create my own rice field. I was filled with joy and worked hard to attain the expectations. I then understood how Japanese people demonstrate their will to reach perfection and the culture behind it. We then led the girls to the onsen place where they cleaned themselves while we repaired some tools to after, enjoy the bath ourselves. After, we went for supper where we ate amazing special Japanese spring roll filled with fish, cheese and/or vegetables. Then, while Makiko-san was cleaning the dishes, we went to a relaxing place surrounded by trees, rocks and a sublime river. We stayed there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the amazing nature that Earth has given us. Then, we went back to the restaurant house where we always eat to be given some delicious ice cream. We then all presented ourselves and explained what we enjoyed of the day. Kentaro-san spoke after each person to give his opinion and thank the students for their remarks. Kaho-chan then treated me to a quick tea ceremony which tasted so soft. I was extremely grateful for this gift and can’t be thankful enough.