My journey at Kentaro’s house

7.   5th June 2018

Today was another dream-like day. We mostly cleaned the rice fields of the weed all day. At noon, after lunch, we met Kouhei’s family. Kentaro-san explained the improvements Kouhei made by staying at the house. I treated Kouhei and his brother to a coka and we sent them off. Kouhei told he would be back in a week. I also met Ichawara-sensei who helped us by cutting all the grass. We had many conversations which I enjoyed and he greately elped me with my Japanese. After taking a bath, we prepared to set off to a store to repair a Makita saw. Then, we went to a school where we trained Kendo. It was an unforgettable experience. I was treated with a lot of respect and curiosity. The kids were excited by my presence and the adults asked me a lot of questions. The training was intense as I expected but the speed of the kendoka was extremely surprising. I can see why Japanese kendo players are the best in the world. I thanked all the senseis and specially Kentaro-san who was the one who allowed me to live this special occasion. I will always remember the face pf the kid who saw me and started jumping of joy when meeting me.


About Kentaro-san and Makiko-san

Both Kentaro-san and Makiko-san are extremely respectful. Makiko-san cooking!

Kassem Mezher