I think wwoof ing   in Toyomi

I am a man. I mention it cause I don't know that Kentaro-san gives different works to different gender or not, but during my one week staying time, I did the woods cutting, weeding, pulling up hundreds of nails on the old house roof etc., 6 hours per day in average, I have to say that works of here was definitely not easy.

Even though that, I was still quite happy to do them. I do the WWOOFing because I want to know and experience the life which the host has, and Kentaro-san really gave me this chance. We had talked about it when the after-working bath, he said "now you know our life", it's true, because those things I did are just his daily works. And I learnt a idea--the happy life doesn't mean the easy life--from him.

Kentaro-san is not a simply organic farmer, he also is an artist and philosopher, he asked me to write the report about staying here from my second date. In the beginning I felt a little bite stressful, that because I still had no idea about here or them. But this report had no deadline, so when day by day I knew my host more, writing report became more easily and interesting. In fact, I really appreciated that Kentaro-san can ask me to do that, it helped me to keep awareness to the life, and I know Kentaro-san and his wife Makiko-san both are very hard working student, they wake up on 4am every morning for reading books and studying, so they ask themselves, too.

Kentaro-san is a creative man, Makiko-san is a cute woman, and I am a funny guy, I think that we have the same language--the sense of humor, that why we could overcome many barriers and obstacles of languages. I like to talk with them, we had talked about the value of the life, dreams, families, personal stories, but also talked about which minister of the Japanese government you want to become, haha.

Even though I only stayed 1 week, but I asked half-day break to lend their bicycle and to discover nearby places, they really supported me and gave me more time to do it. I could felt that they were proud of their village Toyomi. 

I miss the Toyomi this quiet and pretty village, I miss the Kentaro-san's 5 stars bathroom, I miss the Makiko-san's delicious dishes. I really like them very much.