How was our wwoofing experience? (Zoé, Clémence, Anaïs, Sarah)

We were 4 girls and we stayed for 1 week at Santo-san house. When we arrived, we were surprised because we slept in a traditional house next to their house, it was very cold at the beginning because we were in March. Each one of us had a bedroom and we had a few heaters. The house was not very well isolated with rustic furniture. For the shower, they have outside baths which are heated with wood. After a long day it is relaxing!
Kentaro-san and Makiko-san are really nice with us. Makiko-san brought us a snack for the breaks. We had one day off on Friday; we went to museums. Kentaro-san shew us some of his sculptures, he is very talented. Then, they invited us to the restaurant and onsen. It was such a great day!
Every day we woke up at 4:45am because at 5am began the morning study and then we helped them cleaning the house, walking with the dog etc. The breakfast is at 7am.
The meal time was always a pleasure, we laughed a lot and learn much about Japanese habits.
We had different tasks to do, the work was hard and the tools traditional, but the family doesn’t give us deadlines.
We have discovered their culture, we have cooked mochi and gyoza and learned a lot about the Japanese lifestyle.

Thank you for your welcome, it was such a pleasure to meet you and we hope to see you again!